Hi guys, Testing LW with my fabkit.

Hi guys,
Testing LW with my fabkit.
I’m wondering which gcodes are sent when pressing the following buttons:

  • Home All
    And on each axis tab:
  • Home _ axis
  • Probe _ min
  • Probe _ max

Because so far nothing happens when I press them. I’m running the latest LW version with latest smoothie cnc build which I assume change a few things on homing operations.
LW settings are almost stock fabkit profiles with a few changes in macros, etc. Nothing relevant. CNC mode is of course disabled as it’s a laser.

I can home by manually sending G28.2.

Ow! I missed this one, sorry :wink:

You can do Macro’s for those for now (I have):
Probe X: G28.2X
Probe Y: G28.2Y
Home Y: G0 Y0
Autofocus: G28.2Z