Hi guys. I've got a bunch of files in inkscape (converted from DXF),

Hi guys. I’ve got a bunch of files in inkscape (converted from DXF), but when I cut them they cut as separate lines which seem randomly laid out, meaning a lot of unnecessary travel for the laser. Is there a utility somewhere that can re-order lines that start and end at the same point to make the cut quicker? Is this something that LaserWeb would benefit from?

Also, I’m manually moving cuts around on layers in InkScape to get inner shapes cut before outer shapes (I guess most people do this). Would LaserWeb benefit from a “sort” function to do this automatically? If I remember right from my very short time with the K40 moshie software, this had this option.

If these functions are already built in to LaserWeb, please berate me for not reading the manual :wink:

Thanks for the tip with the disjointed lines.

I’m currently layering my work in order to cut inside out, but it’s tedious work, especially for vector images created from bitmaps with many many cuts, and It occurs to me that this kind of thing could be automated somewhat. Maybe I’ll write an InkScape plugin to do this before export.