Hi guys ! I'm working right now with my project that the text message

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Hi guys ! I’m working right now with my project that the text message from GSM module will display on RGB LED Strip , I have conditions using text message ; View AllMessage , Delete AllMessage , Delete Message # ,Display AllMessage , if the textmessage is not the conditions above , it will automatically stored in a array (that the message that will display on RGB LED Strip)

But when i started to text Display AllMessage( display all message that saved in array) and text again some message it only read 12 characters in my text . Are my arduino is too busy to display message in RGB Led strip so that when i text again it only accept only 12 characters ? help me guys the code is below . And i uploaded pictures , i texted 3 messages that will display on array , " The Legend of Avatar " and etc . then I texted Display Allmessage ( to display in RGB ) the 4th text is also " The Legend of Avatar " but it in serial monitor it cut on 12 characters only

Message = mySerial.readString();


if(Message.indexOf(“View Message”)>=0){

 mySerial.println("AT+CMGS=\"+639290584072\"\r"); // Replace x with mobile number
   for(int i=0; i <5; i++){
 mySerial.println("Text: "+ text[i]);// The SMS text you want to send
 mySerial.println((char)26);// ASCII code of CTRL+Z

else if(Message.indexOf(“Delete AllText”)>=0){
for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++){
text[i] = “”;

//Delete Message
else if (Message.substring(0, 11) == “Delete Text”) {
text[Message.toInt() - 1] = “”;

else if(Message.indexOf(“Display AllMessage”)>=0){
j = 1;


else {
if(Message == “”){
text[i] = Message;
Serial.print(“Message Stored!”);

if( j == 1){
for(int i=0; i <5; i++){
matrix->setCursor(1, 1);

if(i == 4){
i = 0;

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@jester_salivio can we see how you did define the variable ‘text’

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@Yves_BAZIN String text[4];

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@jester_salivio hello
It should be text[5] and not 4 because you go from i=0 to I=4 which is 5 values
Then I think the
string text[5]; is not allocating the memory as you think.

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But String array also start at 0 right ? Text[0] to text[4] . Thanks bro I figured out the problem . I add DISPLAY OFF function , j =0 ; so that the text will stop displaying and when I texted again in GSM module it can accept more than 12 characters again . maybe because arduino is too busy displaying text ing rgb right ? But I’m not sure haha :sweat_smile: . Somehow I solved it thanks bro for noticing my post :slight_smile:

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@jester_salivio when you declare an array you declare its size
string g[x] is an array of size x
values are from g[0] to g[x-1].
This as nothing to do with displaying Rgb. I am pretty sure you are writing in ‘wrong part’ of memory and if you expand your code it might fail.
Il will send you the correct way I think to do so

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@Yves_BAZIN okay bro thank you :slight_smile: