Hi Guys! I'm almost ready to start cutting wood (then G10),

Hi Guys! I’m almost ready to start cutting wood (then G10), but I’m having a hard time deciding which software to use… I’m drafting my jobs in AutoCad… I downloaded MeshCam but the trial expired before I had a chance to try it out, because I had some issues with my Shapeoko.

So now, I need to make up my mind if I should buy MeshCam, or if there’s any other good software to sue with my AutoCad files.

Can you guys help me decide??

Thanks in advance!!

If I could get the local serial port Ajax server installed properly then I’d give Chilipeppr a serious evaluation, it looks great. (http://chilipeppr.com/) However, until I surmount that challenge I’ve fallen back on the simplest UI and workflow (with many constraints) Easel. (http://www.easel.com/)

Hi @Travis_Good:slight_smile: thanks for the reply… the problem is easel won’t take my AutoCad files… I’m new at CNC and honestly, I would like to keep it as simply as possible… Thanks again!

Chilipeppr is definitely recommended to run your gcode. To get your gcode, you can use jscut. You can also try sheetcam tng in trial mode. A lot of people use cambam as well. It seems that cam packages have plenty of options with no “good” free / open source.

@Dat_Chu Hello :slight_smile: Thanks! is chillipeppr hard to use? I have no experience with CNC at all…

Has anybody tried MakerCam??

Chillipeppr is probably one of the best program to send your gcode. It can be tailored to your controller and machine as well, you simply need to join the Chilipeppr community and ask for help if you need anything.

Have you emailed MakerCam support? They probably can extend the trial peroid for 30 days.

@Dat_Chu is chillipeppr free? You know what? i didn’t think about asking for an extension :slight_smile:

Yes. Simply go to http://chilipeppr.com

@Dat_Chu awesome Dat! I’ll get it right now… I hope it works with Mac!! :slight_smile:

It works from a browser so yes, anything you can bring to the table. Raspberry Pi included.

Sweet! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I used pycam a few times, but it is so slow. It does do more than just simple 2D though.

I have considered adapting the code for Cura to work as a CNC milling slicer as well as a 3D printing slicer or making a script that will convert 3D printer gcode to CNC milling gcode. Writing your own code is probably not an option for you though and it will take time and effort and motivation for me.

Don’t discount Cut 2D. At $150 it’s darn good.

Lol a lot of options :slight_smile:

I bought meshcam and haven’t ever really done much with it. I have used a lot of makercam because it is very simple at 2d designs.
I know meshcam will give you an extension if you ask they are really great.

@Marc_Schaefermeyer hi Marc! They sure did! I tried it, but it’s doing something funny, when I open an STL file ( finished in solidworks) it’s says that the object it’s too large and if I want to rescale to some dimension the software offers… Did u ever had that issue?

My whole issue is getting the software to read my STL autocad and solidworks files, most of them are 2d… except for one part that takes a little groove carved in the middle (would this be consider 3d?).

Maybe makercam might be the software to go with after all… I just need something simple that won’t take much to learn.

Thanks again!


I’d be happy to attempt loading the stl files in meshcam if you would like me to try.

@Marc_Schaefermeyer cool! Can I send it to your email? :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure.