Hi Guys, I want to ask a question. Rgearding the capabilities of LaserWeb.

Hi Guys,
I want to ask a question. Rgearding the capabilities of LaserWeb.
I am still not using it, as I am still waiting for my Chinese laser engraver. But as far as I see it is the most popular way to drive those engravers.

Now I have some moderate experience with 3-Axis CNC milling and Mach3. There is a speciffic feature in Mach3 that I really need. And I can’t find any information if this feature is present in LaserWeb.

The feature I need is called "Display Mode"in Mach3, and what it does, is to set a new XY coordinate system for the current work (some degrees off of the machine’s XY axis), based on the actual X axis of the model you are working on.

Usually what I did while milling (and what I want to do with this laser engraver) is
place two X markers that are placed on a line paraller to the initial X axis, and also the left X mark, also acts as the origin point for the model (zero position for X,Y and Z). Then I take the workpiece out for some other processing.
So once I get back to engraving or milling the same part, I could use the left X mark, as the origin point, then move the laser/endmill over the second X mark, press “Display mode” and then this between the two X marks becomes the new X axis for the current job. So even if you havent perfectly alligned the PCB, the software will detect that the model’s X-axis is (for example) 6 degree tilted, and would correct the machine’s path.

I don’t know if I have explained this well enough, my English is not so good especially when it comes down to CNC stuff :slight_smile: But I hope some of you will understand me.

The LW frontend itself doesn’t support multiple coordinate systems (all G54) and the DRO uses work coordinates only. But you should still be able to use all the firmware features.
You could use a macro button to shift the work origin (gcodes dependent on your firmware). I usually do that when I need to run the same job on multiple positions of a workpiece.