Hi guys am working my way though printing the grate openrc trugge car,

(Mark Daniel) #1

Hi guys am working my way though printing the grate openrc trugge car, any suggestions on in fill for parts like diff housings, upper and lower decks, have just set one wheel printing at 20% on fill is this enough ?? Thanks mark

(Klaus Daume) #2

I printed the Wheels with rubber filament at 10% and used the first rims. It took me alot of boiled water and hours to align the tires to the rims. They sit terribly tight. Only later on i found those rims: https://github.com/bryancostanich/OpenRC/blob/master/Truggy/Wheel/STL/OpenRC%20Truggy%20Rim%20For%20Printed%20Tire.stl .
Haven’t tried them but they should be much more easy to be assembled.
What you could also try is print the wheels at ~102% scale on X&Y axis. But you may also need to supply some glue then, between rims and wheels. Everything else were printed with 100% since i got tons of scrap ABS around.

(Mark Daniel) #3

When I say wheel I ment the rim I can’t seem to find any info on the fill density of them, it’s taking me ages to print every thing at 100 % fill :unamused: I want to start on the diff housings and decks but do I need a full 100% fill, and what TPU or flex filament is everyone using thanks mark

(Klaus Daume) #4

as the rims have to carry alot of stress (drivingforce and bounces) i printed them at 100% and smoothed with acetone to make them as durable as any possible

(Mark Daniel) #5

Sweet I’ve got my tpu now so just trying a tyre at .5 scale :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: