Hi Group Typically I will take the time and hours to research,

(Chris Rees) #1

Hi Group

Typically I will take the time and hours to research, figure and tinker the code out and get the results I want. But I have short time frame on a project and need some guidance to get me to the result quicker. I appreciate @Marc_MERLIN for the reminder to use this group (that is what its used for) .

What I have is a mobile costume with 8x8 ws2812 . I plan on using 8x8 matrix tile code I have found with fastLED. What I would looking for is some additional direction on NoisePalett or some similar methods on making a Matrix (The movie effect) as see here on the YouTube link below. I will be mirroring the jacket so I am only worried about one side. If Anyone has code samples or fastLED methods that would get me in the direction that would be appreciated. I will continue to dig through the group and see if I can find what I need as well.

(Marc MERLIN) #2

https://github.com/marcmerlin/FastLED_NeoMatrix/blob/master/examples/zNO_GFX/Sublime_Demos/Sublime_Demos.ino has a matrix in it. It’s nowhere as nice as the video you posted, but it’s a start :slight_smile:
Note that for it to work, you’ll want to export the whole FastLED::NeoMatrix tree since it uses the matrix draw method in there and then you can setup your tiles however you see fit.
As a side note (maybe too late), 8x8 feels way too small, even if tiling may help a bit, but I’d have used 16x16 (my shirt uses 3x 8x32 for a total of 24x32)

(Marc MERLIN) #3

https://photos.app.goo.gl/oy5GVrgbWEKhMDUY7 skip to offset 0:10 to see the matrix effect (which you can tune a bit).

(Marc Miller) #4

@Jeremy_Williams shared a nice Matrix effect here:

(Chris Rees) #5

I don’t know what it is about the name Marc but the fastLED gods are with you. thank you for the suggestions I will dig from here!.

(Chris Rees) #6

+Jeremy Williams your code is brilliant. Thanks for the help guys

(Chris Rees) #7

Here is the slightly modified code https://gist.github.com/mrrees/469e0dfb8306eb4a4e11e962778033aa

(Marc Miller) #8

Sweet, looks great!