Hi everyone, I am using sketchup to create the drawing to cut with laserweb

Hi everyone, I am using sketchup to create the drawing to cut with laserweb 4. When I run the simulation it works perfectly but when I go to cut it goes off on a path that is not there and I can’t figure out why. Any suggestions?

Please post more details

I figure it out I switched to arduino uno with a gshield instead of tinyg and got laserweb working good. Except that I’m not sure what all the functions are for on laserweb yet. But tinyg gave me a lot of issues. Just from using laserweb yesterday It looks like a great program for plasma cutting as wall I like the check button feature. But it seems to tale a dxf file better from sketchup then it does from fusion 360 I’m not sure why this is, with fusion the cut changes and goes where it wants to part way into the job. But I want to thank everyone and anyone that has any input into laserweb I look forward to using it lots. I gues the biggest question I have now is how to I cut an inside circle first so it drops and then cut the outside pattern. And how do the tabs work?

To control the order, create multiple operations.


Hi there - not sure what you mean by create multiple operations - do you mean create multiple files with the separate components of what I am trying to cut out. Also, the link that you sent to me - thank you but I have a question on that - I have downloaded the 4.0989 version and the CAM tab on the left hand side does not exist - how do I get that and what version is that on

We renamed the CAM tab to Files. The operations are on the lower-left of the Files tab. You can split a single file across multiple operations using groups or layers in SVG files, or by filtering by color in either SVG or DXF files. You could also load multiple files. A tedious way is to expand the document tree in the top left and drag individual objects from the file into different operations.