Hi everybody! I am watching the site for a while now and finally I

Hi everybody!
I am watching the site for a while now and finally I took the decision to built an eustathios! For the last month I was gathering the materials needed! The printed parts were made on my prusa i3. Most probably I am going to use lead screws for z axis instead of ballscrews. This is going to be a later upgrade for my eustathios.I am trying to keep the cost as low as practicable. Any advice is always welcome! More to come soon!

Looking great. And the lead scews will be just fine. I know @Zane_Baird ​ uses them on his HercuLien and his prints look amazing. Glad to have another great member to the community @Dimitrios_Tzioutzias ​. Can’t wait to watch your progress.

@Eclsnowman Thank you and the community for the great design and for all the files you gave publicly! I have also the rods but i have to cut them in correct length, I bought them 500mm. For the heated bed I ordered 350x350 220v 800watt, so the aluminum bed need to be a little bigger than the design. I already have an mks sbase smothie clone just waiting for the steppers for x,y,z and the geared one for the extruder from robbotdig.

@Dimitrios_Tzioutzias So will your printer be slightly larger… or just the bed?

I see you are planning to use the HercuStruder. I always had good luck with it. But later on, an upgrade I might recommend is the Mechanical Kit for the Bondtech. Since you already have the geared stepper all you will need is the housing and gear set. Martin did such a great job on the design. Mine is good, but his is so much better I find it hard to not recommend it to everyone, even over my own design.

Also when giving thank you’s on the design I want remind people my design on the Eustathios Spider V1 and V2 was iterative from the amazing work of @Jason_Smith ​​, @Tim_Rastall ​​, @Brad_Hill ​​ and many others who came before me. Nothing I did could have been possible without all their amazing open source work.

The basic size of the bed will be the same 400x360, I ve just changed the 27.5mm dimension of your design to 20mm so I can fit the rubber heater. I will take a look for the bondtech!