Hi. Anyone that can explain way the Z axis is hard to set up

Hi. Anyone that can explain way the Z axis is hard to set up on my Mendel90. I set this int the cfg file.
offset_z = -0.224
travel_z = -0.224
But when the Z axis hit the enstop on top an moving down again it stops at 180mm i want it to move 224mm

When i manualy move Z axis step/unit is correct. It move 10mm when i want 10mm and same with 100mm. so i think that is correct.

What is your home_x value? Set it to 0 for now.

The home value for all axis are 0

If you set the value to something higher than -0.224, does it still stop at -0.180? Are you certain the steps pr mm is right? Could you try issuing a gcode M206? That should give you the currently set offset values.

as i can see the step pr mm is correct. If i change the value higher or lover it still stop at the same place. And value its same with M206

Disregarding the option that an end stop is stopping the z-axis at that point and home_z is 0 and you have verified that the m206 gives you the same value that you have in your local.cfg, I am really at a loss. What does M114 say after homing?

i my have solve the porblem. there was some old probing thing in the file that what not in use.

Ok, let me know when you run into the next problem:)