Hi, All. It's time to take a nap.

Hi, All. It’s time to take a nap.

Laserweb project has been a beautiful experience on relearning a lot of a technology long time abandoned on my professional work.
Has been a pleasure to see growing the community with enthusiasm of the dev team, on whom I am grateful for let me be part of it (thanks @Todd_Fleming , @cprezzi +Peter van der Walt @Domenic_Di_Giorgio )

But, as the header of this message, all comes to an end. As the dev team individuals moved interests to other areas, and although the have been sparse contributions from external devs (thank you all) has been none wanting to push the project forward along. Time to move on.

Special thanks to @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty , Ariel, for being a fellow mate always wanting to help.

I’m no longer attending issues. Any dev interested on maintaining them is welcome.

Sad to see you go @Jorge_Robles

thanks for all you have done. What status does this leave LW in?

@donkjr github issues will be unnatended by me for a while, that’s all. Other devs could attend them as long they want, of course :slight_smile: Lw is stable enough to survive i think.

Thank you

`@Jorge_Robles I am very sad to see you go! You was the soul of our LaserWeb Team for a long time now (after Peter left). I wish you all the best and hope to hear again from you soon.

PS: Sent you a few bucks for a bottle of wine (or what ever you like). Cheers!

@cprezzi Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much for all you have done. LaserWeb is an amazing project and I know a lot of us really appreciate all of the work you have put into it. Best of luck in your future endeavors!