Hi all. I'm using fasted to develop a word clock and I am now

(David Samuelsson) #1

Hi all.
I’m using fasted to develop a word clock and I am now close to the finish line.
I have a questions. I use the WS2812B in a matrix of 11 X 10 diodes. The diodes are connected from the top left corner and in the right direction to the top right corner, then connected to the diod below it and then in the left direction to the left side and so on.
Easier explained in an S-shape from top to bottom.

My question is, is there a Matrix library that let’s me define my LEDs and where they are and then add text that slides or so?

I have done a few searches but can’t find a library that fits my needs.



(Marc Miller) #2

You might check out the matrix library that @Aaron_Liddiment wrote. You can do text scrolling with that.

Also, just a reminder that since ‘Google Plus’ is shutting down, this whole discussion group has moved to Reddit. Please consider sharing your project there in the future. https://www.reddit.com/r/FastLED

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Ok. I move it there now. Thanks.