Hi all I have a shapeoko 3 cnc ordered and I can't weight to

Hi all I have a shapeoko 3 cnc ordered and I can’t weight to get it. I will be using it to cut carbon fiber for miniquads.
this is what I will be cutting. Any advice?

Be careful cutting carbon fiber its nasty stuff to cut (you really dont want to breath the dust in). Make sure you do some research before you start cutting.

yes I know I did research before cutting the prototype out and I got special masks and do it outside. I am going to try to rig some kind of vacuum system up to the cnc also.

Are you ready for the first order ?..please givem your email…

no I have to get the cnc fist than i can start cutting them out.

We’ve had a couple of people cutting carbon fiber and Garolite and similar materials for drones and copters. What information people have shared is on the wiki at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable ---- looking forward to your sharing your experiences and data.

Is G10/Garolite as hazardous to cut as Carbon Fiber? I have a 1m X 1m custom shapeoko that I would like to experiment cutting G10 with…cant really move the machine outside. My method of dust collection up to now is holding the vac nozzle up to the cutting area.