Hey to all! I need advice from u all.

Hey to all!

I need advice from u all.
What do u think witch 3d printer is best for me?
I work as architect and want to make models of houses for presentation.
Please advice me where to look for models and prices.
What are the best models and so on.
Thanks a lot.

What size do you need to print ?
What is your budget ?
How technical are you ?
Can you solder ? Assemble a kit ?
There is no ‘best’ model.

I’d recommend using a service bureau. Get a bunch of successful print that you like, then decide if you want to buy one.

Also how often will you be printing?
Are the models for you or for clients?
Do you want models (there are services of that ), Or are you actually interested in doing the printing your self?

I know I want a 3d printer, but that is because I am a tinkerer, however I do think some people would be better served by a printer service, so I want to be fair with you about what you would be getting into.

Owning a printer:
In the long run you will get you prints faster
You can iterate much faster than using a service
If you buy a cheap printer your cost per print will be lower in the long run.

3D printing is not currently at a click print and go walk away, there are a lot of settings that need to be tuned for your specific printer.
3D printing requires a lot of DIY mentality, this could slow you down
Prints will have layer lines in them
Prints often fail.
one or 2 color printing
Support material is currently a lot of work to remove

Using a print service (shapeways, Imaterialize, ETC)
Full color printing is possible
Extremely high quality prints
Can print in many different types of materials
They decide if your object is really printable
Support material is pretty standard
You will wait about 2 weeks to get a print back
Prints prices are pretty high, Expect $50+ (for what you are getting it is reasonable)
Iteration takes a couple of weeks to get the prints back

Honestly, if I was an architect that wanted to print 10-50 models, I would include the print cost in my quote, (you can get a feel for how much it will cost based upon the size of the print in cm^2), and I would use a print service, You can get full color prints meaning it save you a lot of time in painting and finishing. If you wanted a full color printer it will be very expensive to buy, and the operating costs are pretty high as well. The other benefit of print services is that they check over your models before printing, that means that you are less likely to get back garbage. I have used shapeways in the past I thought they did a great job. After using them I did a lot of looking, and now I have purchased my first printer.

Also http://3dprinter.net , it is far from comprehensive, but it is a great place to start looking at things (printer kits, professional grade printers, print services, etc)

first off all than u for reply!
i will print models myself at least twice a week and models are at least(depends of project) 30 cm3.
i would like to have printing in color option and durability is of importance.

Forget it. Stick with conventional model building. Your requirements are still in the realm of million dollar printers. Maybe in 5-10 years.

@Shachar_Weis srsly? Full Color is possible with some way beyond Million Dollar Printers. Try MCOR (Paperbased) or Stratasys ones for around 10-40k Euro or lease them

30cm^3 at Full color for 10k ? I didn’t know that .

@Shachar_Weis It’s slightly wasteful, so you should fill the build area every time.

I would get a Roland MDX 650 . http://www.rolanddg.com