Hey there, sorry if I'm totally in the wrong group for this but I

Hey there,

sorry if I’m totally in the wrong group for this but I thought it might worth asking you. I’m just diving into Laser cutting things. We’re focussing on engraving wood and will just start with a UV diode laser. I thought there should be any plans around for a good x/y gantry probably based on corexy or Hbot without me needing to draw everything myself. I’d love to have something enclosed with a protective lid.

Does anyone know of good projects? I could draw everything myself but would also love to settle on something already done and probably put in some work there if it’s open source.


Check out Openbuilds.com There are a few different diode laser designs.

Thanks, problem with Openbuilds is that (at least last time I checked) they’re quite hard to get in Germany/Europe - if anyone knows good sources these are more then welcome.

And then again I have still some meters of Makerslide lying around :confused:

This is a good project to start http://www.openbuilds.com/builds/openbuilds-freeburn-1-v-slot-co2-laser-60-100w.1001/

This looks more like made for CO2 lasers and also quite a bit big but definitely looks interesting.

You can also look on http://thingiverse.com

@Helmi ​ my bad I did not read that you were looking for diode. In fact those are pretty easy to do if you don’t have access to open builds then you need rods and linear bearing

I made this Adelaide Laser Cutter HBOT ( not AxiDraw ) found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1546158

Yeah I know it’s not too hard to develop one myself but I’m quite busy currently and want to have it running not too late so i’m looking out for an easy going solution…

The Adelaide Hbot is funny. Tried to actually bit a little upsized Axidraw a few weeks ago. Failed completely as the whole design is qquite wobbly. Have to look closer at that. If you built one - did it make you happy?´

Oh yes, no wobbly for me. Rods and infinite screw will give it lots of weight

Do all the steps you would to build a 3d printer… and replace the hot end with a laser diode mount… will cut down design to a hand full of pieces

I will say, get the most raked easy to build printer and only do the grantry :slight_smile:

I built mine based on the 3dpBurner design. Most parts are 3d printed. Minimal hardware required. http://3dpburner.blogspot.com/

Yeah I saw that already. Unfortunately it’s not easy to cover up and going with an open design on a laser isn’t an option. But it’s funny that they stick there’s full of “Danger” and “Warning” signs instead of opting for a design with a cover :slight_smile:

I fully enclosed mine. Also built an exhaust fan into it with a carbon filter for fumes. It works pretty well. I just used MDF and printed the latch and inlet covers. The window is from jtech. Don’t mind the mess, I’m still working on getting GRBL v1.1 running haha.