Hey there Knows someone if a 3D Printer for PTFE is available on the

Hey there

Knows someone if a 3D Printer for PTFE is available on the market?

Many thx in advance for your support.


It’s been discussed before, the problem is the offgassing of certain materials. PTFE and Delrin would be awesome materials. Slippery, self-lubricating…it’s just the whole 'death from poisonous fumes thing that gets in the way.

Pretty much any 3-D printer with an All Metal Hot End is capable of printing PTFE.
I would NOT suggest using a JHead for this because of the very high temps required.
it tends to destroy Jheads.

from: http://www.icorally.com/pdf/ProFLO/MSDS-PTFE.pdf

Inhalation of fumes from overheating (above 300 deg C/572 deg F)
PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) may cause polymer fume fever, a temporary flu like
illness with fever, chills, and sometimes cough, of approximately 24 hours duration.
Trace amounts of carbonyl fluoride and hydrogen fluoride may also be evolved when
PTFE is overheated or burned above 400 deg C (750 deg F).
Inhalation of low concentrations of HYDROGEN FLUORIDE can initially include
symptoms of choking, coughing, and severe eye, nose, and throat irritation. This is
possibly followed after a symptomless period of one to two days by fever, chills,
difficulty in breathing, cyanosis, and pulmonary edema. Acute or chronic
overexposure to HF can injure the liver and kidneys.
Inhalation, ingestion, or skin or eye contact with CARBONYL FLUORIDE may initially
include: skin irritation with discomfort or rash; eye corrosion with corneal or conjectural
ulceration; irritation of the upper respiratory passages; or temporary lung irritation
effect with cough, discomfort, difficulty in breathing, or shortness of breath.

Nasty stuff.