Hey John Lauer  when I worked on the CleanFlight Dev team,

Hey @jlauer when I worked on the CleanFlight Dev team, we had something called Travis --> https://travis-ci.org/ that would test and make all the builds automatically.

Lots of people wanted to play with the latest binary’s, but didn’t know how to compile the code.

Also since there were lots of different board platforms, it made it tough to keep up and offer bleeding edge files for hundreds of people testing.

Have you ever seen Travis, its a great tool and it can do a lot of the lifting for you. Just a thought. T

Just tried it out. https://travis-ci.org/johnlauer/serial-port-json-server

It’s cool. Thanks for the tip. This could be very helpful.

You are welcome. Its a a huge time saver. I am so glad I could help… T

I think it can build all versions for you so folks wont have to compile mac anymore

I’m not seeing that it can provide the binaries for me. I’m only seeing that it does the build to test it. Am I missing something?

It can attach the output of the build to any releases you make on GitHub… You can look at how it’s working on my development environment here: https://github.com/shaggythesheep/chilipeppr-development-environment/releases and how it’s configured here: https://github.com/shaggythesheep/chilipeppr-development-environment/blob/master/.travis.yml

Ahh. Ok, so the travis.yml can have it upload the final build back via the api_key. Since I’m using Go and it needs to compile the code differently for each platform, how would I get it to do a build for Win32, Win64, OSX, Linux32, Linux64, Armv6, Armv7, ArmIntelEdison(no SSE) and attach extra files in the release Zip or Tar file like you see in my latest v1.82 build?

Let me find out… Research time…

I do know it does offer the ability to compile to multiple os’s… Ive seen it done in Cleanflight. I think I remeber you have to contact them an have them turn on a multi os functionality

Go will cross compile from Linux so it is just a matter of somehow getting it to do that

I’m not exactly sure of the specific commands you’ll need, but this looks like a decent place to start: http://docs.travis-ci.com/user/customizing-the-build/#Customizing-the-Build-Step

As for attaching each output to the release, I think you can specify multiple file tags in travis.yaml