Hey, I'm new to the FastLED community and library.

(Anthony Santelices) #1

Hey, I’m new to the FastLED community and library. I went ahead and bought a neopixel ring with 24 led’s and a adafruit gemma. I’ve been trying to make the ring go around in a circle with a tail following behind it, so far I’ve only managed to make an LED go around the ring. Could anyone help me with this project? I want to make it look like this.

(Daniel Garcia) #2

One trick I’m fond of is not wiping the LEDs array between each frame, instead dimming what’s already there a little bit before drawing the next frame - e.g.:

for(int i=0;i<NUM_LEDS;i++) {

This is a nice way to make tails that fade off as you move a single point around.

(Robert Atkins) #3

Yup, that’s what I do in my “Snake” pattern (see here: https://bitbucket.org/ratkins/ledeffects). Also try cycling the hue and saturation values for some neat effects (Twinkle/Life in the above repo.)

(Kelvin Mead) #4

that neat little bit of code should be highlighted in the wiki! thats a pure genius way of making everything looking awesome!

(Kelvin Mead) #5

just playing with this snippet. 255 is the max, which is a really long fade out… is there any definition to it? e.g 255, will last 60 seconds at 8mhz?

across 240 leds, in a simple for loop, the first led seems to drop about 10% by the time the dot travels 480 leds (240 there and back)

200, the trail is about 20 leds long, 100 is about 6 leds. i think that the fade is concurrent to the number of calculations, not to any specific time scale?

(Kelvin Mead) #6

calculations = instructions