Hey, i just finished a new project of mine and wanted to share a

Hey, i just finished a new project of mine and wanted to share a video with you guys.
I am using a esp8266 without any wifi use (this one is for my parents) 255 ws8266 and of course fastled.

Looks wonderfull👍

I like it. Especially the diffusion. What kind of material did you use? How are the LEDs laid out?

@Brian_Lewis I used opaque acrylic glass 4 mm thick, the strips are 15*15 led with 30 led per meter.

Very nice. The effect makes it look like there are more than 15 LEDs in each row. Great work.

Really nice build. Looks super.

Beautiful pattern!

That’s awesome! I’m interested in building something like this, but I’m usually stuck on build details - how do you get such a nice looking finished product?

Like - what are the circular holes near the corners? How did you hide all of the wiring (are the sides closed off?) Did you build the power supply into it, or is the wire we see coming from a power supply?

@Ben_M1 ​ the “case” is made of wood, I use a circular saw to cut 45°angled ends for the sides and tie the parts together with some sort of strap before I screw them on the backplate.
There are special drill bits that make it more easy to cut into acrylic glas.
The power supply is in an external box because I found no nice way to include it.
It is my third “box” I made with esp8266 and ws2812 leds but we made some other boxes with normal leds which are way easier to make.
Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you.