Hey i hope someone can help me.

Hey i hope someone can help me. I started printing the project and quickly ran into a problem with its measurements. As seen the the Photo, the Central Diff case won’t fit on the Plates. I measured its width and length to be 15cm by 17.7cm which is exactly as the STL file tells to Cura and Craftware. Do i have to drill new holes and expect the other stuff to fit? Got the files from Thingiverse, not Github and downloaded em about 10 days ago.


i sliced the parts with Slic3r too (100% rect infill anyway). Also i didn’t apply any scale. That’s what makes me angry. I just printed the files as they are and they don’t fit.

Sorry about any trouble guys! I´m in a hurry and will have a look at this later tonight. In the meantime here´s what it should look like seen from the bottom side (front to the right): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6748864/truggy%20under.jpg
This is the STEP file from Thingiverse.

Ok guys i really appreciate your feedback on this!!
You need to help me out though, i downloaded the STL files from Thingiverse (Front & Rear Plate and the Central Diff Case. I imported and assembled them in Fusion 360 and it seems like they fit as they should. I may have misread something and if so i apologize but do let me know what.

There are almost 10000 downloads/part so as i´m sure you understand i am very keen on getting to the bottom of this.

Again, sorry for any trouble caused by this!

Here´s a picture seen from the bottom of the truggy in Fusion 360 (Front to the left this time) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6748864/truggy_under_fusion.jpg

aww man, how stupid of me. Yep i just turned the diff case and it makes sense. Thanks alot mates. I propably will inherit the files since i don’t really feel confident with fixing the screws just in plastic. Let’s see how strong it stays ones this truggy is assembled. Thank you very much for your design anyway. I feel like it is just made for me as i don’t want to spend as much effort into this kind of hobby, a “professional” truggy would take from me.