hey guys thanks for letting me in to your community..

hey guys thanks for letting me in to your community…
i am currently trying to building a CNC from this instructables tutorial

an am stuck with one thing how to control the stepper motor i hopefully looking forward to use a raspberry pi as the master control and with a few arduinos (3 ATmega8 one for each stepper motor) to make cnc move faster since 1 arduino can execute only one task at a time. i need help with the software part of the cnc and if you have came across on cnc’s with Raspberry pi it would help me dearly in my quest…

That should be quiet the combo mate. The use of arduinos as the stepper motor controllers is certainly one way of doing things and after recently setting up a friend arduino to run one I can vouch for the fact that the code is not hard to get your head around. Its readily available out there on the net and some basic stuff is available on the Arduino website. As for the RASPi, I’m afraid I have no input on that front as I’ve never had the chance to play with one. Maybe a search of the RASpi communities on Google+ will shed some light on the subject. Let us know how you get on and if you have any specific questions about the differing aspects of the build I’m sure someone here will be able to answer you. You could always try a different route and go for the stepper motor controllers available out there for not much cost, the ones I use are from Routout CNC and come with a reasonably good start up instruction sheet, web information and great one on one customer care to help you. Best of luck in your build.

thank you @Richard_Fletch_Fletc . i an electronic hobbyist for me building it myself gives the satisfaction i was hoping for a good driver circuit for reference the ones i have looked at was not much use for me if you have any reference circuits or any information about how the CNC software transfers data to the cnc it would be extremely helpful. i know it is not easy built every thing from scratch if you or anyone hear have any info please help me…

@Bijil_Baji I use a windows software called Mach3 to control my CNC mill. It outputs pulses to a breakout board via the parallel port. The breakout board optoisolates the signals that control 4 commercial stepper drives, some relays and the inputs and e-stop.

search grbl for arduino. I am running a 3 axis machine with one arduino. It works great!


Thank you guys @Gee_Willikers @Zach_Hipps

Also, for reference on your build, the guys over at http://diylilcnc.org took the design you referenced and made some modifications that supposedly makes it easier to assemble. They also have several sets of drawings available for reference. They are currently on v2 of their machine so the pictures on the front page look different than yours, but the v1 files are still available and I believe there is still a fairly active community around it.

@Edward_Ford could you send me a link for that

There is a link in my post to their main page, but you can find the downloads here: http://diylilcnc.org/downloads/