Hey guys, on monday im heading over to a friend to take a look

Hey guys, on monday im heading over to a friend to take a look at his MakerBot Replicator 2x. From what I can understand, his extruder motor isnt working/wont extrude (probably a dirty drive gear), and his heated bed wont heat up. This will be my first time helping somone else but ive fixed my printer many times. So is there anything u can think of that i should check for? Any tools/other things i should bring (besides alan keys :wink: ). Any tips will also be great, btw they did contact support b4 with no response.

multimeter, tape, hammer

It sounds like an issue with the board, if it’s not heating the bed, and the extruder motor is not functioning. Did they both stop working at the same time? I have a 2x and have done extensive work on it. The mosfet that switches current to the fans died on my board and the repair most likely would have damaged my board so I bought an external power supply and hooked the fans to that. I get better cooling and control and the prints come out better.

I’d start by taking the motor assembly apart and see if its the motor. I think the heater circuit is isolated from the motors but maybe the motor called for too much current due to rotational resistance and the extra draw blew out other things…

Which Replicator? 1, 2, 2x, 5th Gen, 5th Gen +? It makes a BIG difference in your maintenance/repair approach.

@Ryan_Carlyle sorry, its a 2x

Is the hotend heating, or did it fail too?

@Kirk_Yarina good thing to check thanks, ill make sure that i bring a temp gauge

First thing I would check is all the cable plugs being seated properly at both ends and no burnt plastic anywhere. HBPs don’t usually have issues with wiring or FETs in Mightyboard printers.

Extruder stepper cables might be fatigued though. Unplugging the stepper cable while it was energized also could have fried the driver – easy thing to check by swapping driver with another slot. Just power down before removing the driver and don’t plug it in backwards.

@Ryan_Carlyle exactly what i was going to check first! Thanks