hey guys I was wondering about the behave of SS1 and SS2 on TinyG.

hey guys

I was wondering about the behave of SS1 and SS2 on TinyG. Does sombody know how it beahaves if connected ?


I am not sure I have ever seen SS1 and SS2 used - what are you planning?

I am building a CNC with X1,X2 (ext Drive) Y,Z spindel , coolant, controlled with Raspi 3 B and chillipeppr.
in near feature plan to extend with rotary table A Controlled over TinyG in synchronious CNC Mode
independently controlled over Raspi tilt table 0-90 degree B and probaply also Lift table with C. B and C dont need to be synchron CNC Mode. So now I reach the electrical part, was watching closely the Hardware, and in industrial application SS1 and SS2 is used for Human 2 independent safety circuit for Human Protection (Doors, protections or similar stuff ), so I though I could use that for my E-Stop. I didnt find anything on web either.
I just dont like to connect if I dont know what I am doing.

Hmmm, I have always assumed that unpopulated header implemented a SPI peripheral bus, but for what (testing?) ?.
The leads SS1 and SS2 are just ports pins on the xMega192, so perhaps they could be re-programmed for E-Stop. You are going to have to dig in the weeds to find out how they are setup and perhaps used by tinyG fw.
This is the xMega diagram I am looking at, there are many out there

If you unearth something useful, let us know - many have been looking for a better managed E-Stop

This seems to be much more then I tought but if I got a good solution I definite share.
Thanks for your reply and document.