Hey Guys, I am looking for some recommendations.

(Justin Ahrens) #1

Hey Guys, I am looking for some recommendations. I have a CNC shark with Nema 23 Steppers. It uses a proprietary controller which is not that great. I want to upgrade to a Gecko server driver, but they use a printer port connection. Can anyone recommend a motion controller that will drive a Gecko and will work with Chilipeppr?



You can get a TinyG and then just hook the step/dir signals to your Gecko drivers. You can also bypass the Gecko drivers and use the drivers on the TinyG board. They do pump out some decent amps. Run it at the highest voltage you can.

(Justin Ahrens) #3

Thanks John, Maybe I’ll go with that. I wasn’t sure that the TinyG could handle the NEMA 23s.

(carl j mcgrath) #4

Have a look around over at https://plus.google.com/communities/110852928951643236736
Many Ox users have tinyG connected to Geckos external drivers
But Start with the native (on-board) drivers to get a feel, and if you can, use Vmot around 28V(stay at/below 30V). And a good breeze blowing on tinyG.

(Justin Ahrens) #5

Thanks Carl, I went ahead and ordered a TinyG. I am considering upgrading to NEMA 34s, so it is nice to know that I can use it to drive Geckos. I have 24V right now, so it should be good.