Hey guys, Check out the Prometheus Hot End,

(Eric Sammut) #1

Hey guys,

Check out the Prometheus Hot End, my new customizable all metal hot end is now on Indiegogo! Let me know what you guys think and just ask if you have any questions. #Indiegogo #HotEnd

(Nope Nope) #2

Have you tested it on a Bowdens rig though?
All metals tend to be fine with PLA on direct drive extruders bowdens is where the most hassle is.

(Ben Malcheski) #3

I don’t get it - all metal but it still comes with a PTFE insert?

(Eric Sammut) #4

@Nope_Nope I haven’t tested it on a bowden rig yet as I don’t have an integrated bowden version out yet. I have printed flawlessly with PLA even at VERY low feed rates (50 microns at slow speeds). I don’t think there will be any issues. I am actually in contact with “Sublime” (Brad M, RepRap core developer who designed Tantillus) and he is going to do a bowden test in the next few days as soon as I send him one of my prototypes. The 1-piece nozzle is polished to a near mirror finish so there is very little friction in the hot end. There should be no issues at all with bowden printing.

(Eric Sammut) #5

@Custom_Creations I really don’t think anyone will be confused. I saw you hot end and it looks like we made very different design decisions.

(Eric Sammut) #6

@Ben_Malcheski I think I should have explained this more. The PTFE insert in NOT subjected to high temperatures so it does not limit the temperature of the hot end any more than an E3D plastic fan duct does. The PTFE insert simply facilitates a smooth filament path into the 1-piece SS Nozzle. The PTFE insert and 1-piece nozzle meet in the actively cooled heat sink so the PTFE insert is not actually experiencing high temperatures. The fan is constantly blowing over the heat sink keeping it at low temperatures. This hot end can easily go up to 300C limited by the thermistor.

Let me know if you guys have any more questions! :slight_smile:

(Eric Sammut) #7

@Custom_Creations Yeah, that’s true. I thought Prometheus would be a really cool name. I guess we think alike in that way :wink: