Hey folks, I'm starting to use the CAM functions in Fusion 360.

Hey folks, I’m starting to use the CAM functions in Fusion 360. Is there a trick to getting it to retract the bit to the clearance height before making the first XY move? It was putting a G53 Z0 right before the first move which caused it to plunge the bit about 8mm down into the stock before making the first XY move. I changed the post processor to not use G53 but the bit will still just stay at the Z height that I zero it to before doing a rapid to the first cutting location. You’d think that lifting the bit first would be a good idea. I just edited the file for now but it would be nice to not have to worry about that every time.

i just always put a G0 Z10 move at the start of all my fusion 360 files manually after they’re generated. That does get old, so somebody told me you can define a header file that always gets reused, i just haven’t figured out how to do that.

@jlauer I edited the g code as well, adding the G0 Z10 to the start of the file. It caught me off guard since the other 2 CAM applications I’ve used do it automatically. I’ll look into the header thing. Thanks John.