Hey fellows, trying to get OTA running on an EDP8266 (ESP-12).

Hey fellows, trying to get OTA running on an EDP8266 (ESP-12).
Uploading the BasicOTA sketch works fine. As well as I can run my ESP on a powerbank and pink it using it’s ip But I cannot see this IP adress in the ArduinoIDE.
Is there a way I can manually add the IP adress?

Installed Python 2.7.15 as mentioned here:

Any ideas?

I recently tried this too. In my case i had to start the esp8266, then when it was connected, restart the arduino IDE. Then it will show up.

But how do Iconnect it to the IDE OTA? It’s connected to wifi few seconds after I power it up and it also responds to ping then. But after that I restart the IDE and still can’t see the IP in port settings :frowning:

Just rechecked. Turned on the ESP, waitet for several minutes to make sure it’s up and running, started the ArduinoIDE and again: can’t select “port” under tools. It’s gray and not selectable (as long as thee is nothing serial connected).

Wat version of the IDE are you using?

Using ArduinoIDE v1.8.8

Hmm. That is what i’m using too. And allthough i wasn’t successful with uploading the sketch, i did see the esp showing up.

Did you have a look at the serial monitor during startup of the esp? It should give you some info on what is happening.