Hey all just an FYI that I adapted Eric Lien's original Eusththios Spider 2

Hey all just an FYI that I adapted Eric Lien’s original Eusththios Spider 2 carriage for 2 M8 linear bearings: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-eustathios-3d-printer-carriage-uses-m8-linear-bearings

This is an alternative carriage for a Eustathios Spider 2 3D printer that uses m8 linear bearings instead of bushings. This can reduce friction, cost, and wait for parts. But the original carriage works fine too (so I have not actually used this carriage yet- if anyone does please let me hear your comments). Note that this carriage was reduced from the stl of the original in Blender since there were not Blender compatible files available (and I mostly 3D model using Blender), so has some backward polygons and other rough spots, but prints fine. This is the version with supports already in the model. I was able to trim a few millimeters off the original carriage to gain a little extra printing space. Unfortunately I removed the lower cover part attachments which I do not need for most of the printing I do.

Looking good. I like the clamshell spring design for holding in the bearings.

@Eclsnowman Thanks I just copied the idea from a RepRap I bought from China- it works very well - surprisingly simple