Hey all. I'm trying to put together my Eustathios shopping list,

Hey all. I’m trying to put together my Eustathios shopping list, ran into this problem with the Misumi lead screws. This line in the BOM:

Lead Screws - One End Stepped Type or One End Double Stepped

The problem is, that the S value is limited between 3 and 40. S56 is not accepted. Is this a bug in the BOM? Or maybe Mitsumi changed their specs ? Or maybe I am missing something ?


Someone else ran into this. I would give them a call for the updated pn#. Once you do let us know and we can update the BOM

Are you trying to get it of misumi in eu? They don’t do the specs listed in the original BOM, I had to order ballscrews in China

I think misumi may have changed the options available for lead screws. The part # listed in the BOM was correct/available when I initially ordered it earlier this year. If someone is able to get in touch with them (Misumi) or some other merchant who will provide a suitable option, I’ll be glad to update the BOM.

@Jason_Smith I think this is it?

MTSBRA12-410-S56-Q8 = $40.89 each

@Eclsnowman Looks good. BOM Updated. You the man.

Looks like they felt the part number needed a “B”
Not sure what it does, but that’s ok. I don’t want “B” to feel left out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately that “B” costs another $5 per item.

Thanks guys.

Hey all, Another question. Why are there 4 different GT2 belts on the BOM? Three from SDP and one from RoboDigg ?

Robotdigg ones have a collar, so they don’t work for those locations. But they do in the others and are a lot cheaper.

ok, so I understand that all 4 are needed. The lengths in the BOM, are those the exact lengths required ? Is there some spare ?

BTW, what exactly is a collar in the context of a GT2 belt ?

Sorry. I thought you were talking about the pulleys.

Ah, so back to the question of belts, why are there 4 different belts in the BOM ?

Because there are different length belts needed. The Drives are run in the bottom area, and tie from the drives via a closed loop belt to the x/y gantry. Belt length to the top x/y bar is a different length than the belt to the bottom x/y bar. Then there is the closed loop z axis belt. Finally there is bulk belt used to tie the x/y axis to the drive pullies. Sdpsi has more selection for closed loop belts, but robotdigg is cheaper for bulk belt.

Hope that helps.

Oh, I didn’t realize that the SDP was closed loop. Ok, that makes sense now. Thanks.