Hey all, I'm setting up a new workshop and just realised I need a

Hey all,

I’m setting up a new workshop and just realised I need a PC out there to run Chilipeppr on to use my Shapeoko.

Question: Has anyone used a Raspberry Pi 2 as a viewer for Chilipeppr?

Yes and it’s pretty darn nice and fast and cheap.

And your gpio server runs great on it.

Oh yeah should do great for the GPIO and Serial JSON servers, I’m just more concerned about browser performance for the client to be honest.

I know I’ve had some performance issues in Chrome on my desktop, I was a little worried the Pi 2 might struggle.

Don’t try to use a browser on the pi 2. just run it headless.

Ah, yeah thats what I was worried about then.

I have a Pi inside the CNC enclosure to run the GPIO and Serial server on, I just need a desktop PC for the garage for control for setting up and executing a job. I was hoping a Pi 2 would be sufficient for that, would mean my garage pc would be sub 200$.

i was thinking the same thing. If I understand you right, you’re wondering if you can use the Pi2 to run the Chilipeppr GUI / browser on. I’ve been looking for a similar solution so I could have a somewhat disposable, low-cost PC in the garage to do all my CNC work with. Unfortunately the browser is a bit resource intensive. The next best solution might be to have something you can take into the garage and then take it back with you and use in the house for other things. I’m considering a Surface Pro 3 for something like this, but it is quite a bit more money than a Pi 2.

Intel Nucs are great PCs and a good value for medium computing tasks. I have used them in industrial kiosks for some time.

@Frank_Graffagnino exactly!

@Eclsnowman I was just looking at those, they seem pretty good value for money, should be able to pick one up with 4gb of ram and a 16gb hdd for around 300-350$ it appears. Should be plenty.

I just got a pi 2 and I was gone to try to get it to work, I hope this will work ,I just bought a book and have been reading it all afternoon.

I tried yesterday with the odroid-c1 but the 3D view doesn’t seem to work

When it comes to these SOC computers like Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, Odroid, etc, it’s best to just run Serial Port JSON Server on them and then run ChiliPeppr from your laptop.

Yeah, more an issue for me though. a) I don’t have a laptop (can’t use the keyboard - bad rsi) and b) I wouldn’t want to get dust and other crap inside my laptop if I did have one. Same goes for any full sized pc I put in the workshop, those things are vacuums for sawdust. Think I’m probably going to go with NUC when I finally get this all up and running, they’re low power so their fans are minimal which should keep them happy for longer. Plus you can just screw them to the back of a monitor in some cases.

Well, with the laptop, why I like it, is that you take it into the shop to jog around with the machine and get the Gcode all dragged/dropped from your CAM app. Get the machine zeroed out correctly, i.e. probed, then send the file. Then bring the laptop with you as you leave the shop so it doesn’t get dusty. I tend to monitor my jobs thru the webcam app as I’m upstairs away from the machine.