Here's a size comparison between the T4 and T4 mini T4 fits in a

Here’s a size comparison between the T4 and T4 mini

T4 fits in a 19in x 11.75in box
T4 mini fits in a 9in x 7.25in box



@Pinki_Sharma is now banned.

I don’t mind if people don’t like what I print, that’s their opinion. I don’t do it for them. I hope this person wasn’t banned just for this comment.

Naw, he made just that comment on a bunch of other random posts as well. I mean, I’m cool with critique, but not with that kind.

Ah ok.

They both look great… build the mini… because then you will be wanting to build the bigger one… or… build a bunch of the smaller ones and sell them until you can afford the parts for the bigger one

Yeah, the smaller one is cheaper to get off the ground. I’ll have to look at the license that the models were released under to see if I can sell any but that’s a good idea.

Or you could sell the printer time it takes to make it… and materials… of course it would be nice to have the licence to be available

Do you follow any multi rotor groups?

No, I don’t. If you know of any please pass them on.

Im fololowing multirotor photography and video, allaboutquadcopters, i have a page RC Rotors… but it certainly isnt as populated as the others lol