Here we go then,

Here we go then, the machine cutting out some gussets for my mates track car maintenance dolly. You can see the auto zero working before the cut. I have more and better video of the operation coming soon.

Is this supposed to be a video?

Nice, how did you solve the floating head problem?

I think if you click on it, it plays in a new window thing, not really sure about this. Any problems, let me know and I’ll upload it to my you tube channel and I’ll link too it.

As for the fix on the floating head, I followed the advice from the chaps who answered on the Sheetcam forum. They suggested that I use a different post processor (I was using Mach3 Plasma) so I switched to MP1000-THC - scriber and set the “refDistance = 250” to “refDistance = 1”. This gets the head to refence each time it goes to pierce the material. I also changed the “switchOffset = 1.5” to “switchOffset = 6.4” which is the distance between the tip touching the material and the microswitch being activated. Aside from some feed speed issues that required a little tweaking for the job there were no other problems. Its no way as complicated as I first imagined.

Very, very satisfying to see the little bugger sort out where the material is all by its self.

Small victories make my smile. Onward to DIY Arduino powered DTHC!..No pressure!

See a video now. Why did you have to post this, now I want a plasma cutter :wink:

Its a tool I will never ever be without and mines not even a particularly good one! love it and its even better now I have a robot with a steady hand to move it about accurately!

I think one project at a time lol

Hey that’s awesome Richard, great work. I kind of want one now too. Cheers, Aaron