Here’s the completed cut following the mechanical mishap I had last week.

(George Allen) #1

Here’s the completed cut following the mechanical mishap I had last week. I decided to go ahead and complete the cut in case I want to make the design in the future.

(Paul Frederick) #2

So what was the problem? Was your machine just binding up?

(George Allen) #3

@Paul_Frederick The collet chuck got loose from the vibrations and the bit slid down the collet. I noticed it this morning. I’m always afraid of over tightening it and not being able to get it off.

(George Allen) #4

Maybe I should spray the threads with an adhesive

(Paul Frederick) #5

@George_Allen if you don’t bottom your tools out in them and snap your collets into the nut before loading them they work good. Failing to do any of that is when you may have some problems.

(Paul Frederick) #6

@George_Allen the friction of the threads alone should do the job as long as you’re using the tools right. No one else is gluing their collets for them to hold.

(Paul Frederick) #7

@Paul_Frederick I should add that the shanks of your tools and the insides of the collets themselves should be clean and dry. Some oil in there may cause problems sometimes. So a good wipe with a clean rag doesn’t hurt. I’ve seen a lot of machine operators being fastidious with their chucks at times. You don’t want some grit throwing your runout off anyways. The threads can and should have oil on them. Oiled threads actually torque higher. You can cinch threads down further if they’re lubed. We are using the thread here to push the collet into the taper too. So more movement is better.

(George Allen) #8

@Paul_Frederick :+1:

(Jay Polo) #9

George, you do a lot of nice carvings. Do you have any photos of final products with finishes applied? Keep up the good work! (Since I don’t seem to have time to do so lately.)

(George Allen) #10

@Jay_Polo Thanks Jay! I’m still learning to use my machine. Not too much looks like a final cut. I just figured out that in addition to the problems I had with the driver on my Z axis, the spindle was rotating the wrong direction. Since my new driver came in and I fixed the spindle problem; that’s a couple of fires out. Hopefully, I can advance to the finished products soon! BTW, I’ve signed up to Anthony Bolgar’s forum for after G+ closes. There are some folks from here, I think, and the Ox group that are going there.

(Jay Polo) #11

@George_Allen Nice to make progress. Could you please share a link for that forum?

(George Allen) #12

@Jay_Polo Yes I just put it up in the discussion after replying to your comment:

(Jay Polo) #13

@George_Allen Huh, I can’t seem to get to that site. Tried a bunch of possible variations, but nothing comes up?

(Jay Polo) #14

Here it is! Thx…