Here is the google sheet for the "Print It Forward" HercuLien / Ingentis /

Here is the google sheet for the “Print It Forward” HercuLien / Ingentis / Eustathios plastics kit sign up list. Pretty basic right now, but it should be fully open for editing by all now (so make it pretty if you have the skills :slight_smile:

May you explain what and how in the sheet?

+Florian Schütte good idea :slight_smile:

You can take my name off, if you like. I have another idea and don’t want to take up a more serious builder’s place. I have such a long list of CNC stuff backlogged, it would be ages before I can get to build one of these.


Just want to thank you for starting this to give the newcomers a chance at a 3d printer-filled life. :smiley:

Fantastic intiative! I have added my name!