Here is the end result of the led vest.

(Chris Rees) #1

Here is the end result of the led vest. Such short timeframe to make and you guys helped out quickly. Any Burners here may see it in Nevada too. The code is in my earlier post if anyone is interested.

(Chris Rees) #2

The designer and creator of the vest is from Daniel. He designs apparel and costumes for clients all over the world. - May all your dreams come true…… mine have! #performer @kozmiktwinz @dcheli @c

(Chris Rees) #3

Parts used teensy 3.2, octows2811. This platform has never let me down.

(Marc Miller) #4

I think it looks extra cool when the pattern is broken up enough that you don’t really notice the individual 8x8 panels.
The diffusion from the cloth looks good.

(Patrick Aversenq) #5

Hi @Chris_Rees , awesome :clap:. What is your power supply?

(Chris Rees) #6

@Patrick_Aversenq pocket juice 20000 mAh power bank @5v. supplies up to 2.1 amps per port (2 ports) volt meter was showing about 1 amp peak per side. I used the fastLED brightness setting at around 50 but noticed I can run it much lower and use a fraction power. I setup two buttons one for patterns and the other for brightness toggle

(Chris Rees) #7

It looks like my original post from earlier on today finally posted. I thought it timed out because of poor cell signal . Sorry some of you may have seen a double post and I didn’t mean to spam

(Yves BAZIN) #8

@Chris_Rees great job nice vest !!! Thank for sharing

(Marc MERLIN) #9

Just in time :slight_smile: flying to brc in a few hours, maybe we’ll see one another there.

(Mike Thornbury) #10

I want one for my bike!

Anyone have code for flipping the bird?

(Marc MERLIN) #11

I guess we managed not to run into one another, even though we both were bright at night. At least I ran into @chad_steinglass :slight_smile: