Here is my super advanced, highly professional,

Here is my super advanced, highly professional, and utterly untested “Heated Chamber” solution for my Mendel90.

Poor abused machine is my development platform, christened “Gavin” it was the first printer we fully self sourced, built everything apart from RAMPs and steppers ourselves.

Haters gonna hate…

(It’s PET roasting bags taped over the machine btw)

But did it work?

If so that’s all that matters…

Turkey-basting bags are a pretty awesome solution for this; I plan on re-trying it all myself soon.

I use large turkey basting bags cut and taped over a PVC pipe frame. There’s an extra section that goes across the middle of the frame, about a foot up to hold my spools of ABS & PLA so it feeds straight down into the extruder through a slit in the plastic.