Here is another video of the 'infinity mirror' structure I designed and built for

(Tom Schubert) #1

Here is another video of the ‘infinity mirror’ structure I designed and built for the NFL Headquarters Hotel in Atlanta

-Qty (1989) ws2812’s (60 per meter)
-(4) 10 amp PSUs in each letter
-Power injected at the beginning and end of each ‘facet’
-Each letter is 6’ tall and 14" deep (all the infinity magic happens in the first 3/4")
-MDF skeletons with 1st surface .113" ACR for the backing mirror and ~.25" thick 2-way ACR for the faces

I ran out of time to hard program the animations I wanted so I went with a @Ben_Hencke designed Pixelblaze for the controller(s.) In the end, the client was extremely happy with a plain 'ol tweaked red at full brightness. Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

(Marc Miller) #2

Everything looks really nice @Tom_Schubert ! Thank you for sharing these.

(Chris Creel) #3

Solid, professional work. I’m impressed. Where do you source the mirrors?

(Tom Schubert) #4

@Chris_Creel The short time line had them shipping in from CA, but I went through a local distributor here in AZ (