Henrik Peiss This is what my connection information looks like on Octoprint.

@Henrik_Peiss This is what my connection information looks like on Octoprint. Tried a reboot, everything looks good with the latest image…

I just borrowed I duplicator4 to have something to try the Replicape board in. I got tired of boy being able to join in the fun.

Seems like it is a config file problem, because redeem isn’t starting after config files mod. That seems to be the reason why Octoprint isn’t able to connect to the virtual port offered by redeem. What is the best way for solving the config file problem: look on redeem.py and the config file in parallel?

I expanded on the web ui yesterday, so you can edit config files and restart redeem from there. Ill package it and upload once I get in to work!

@Henrik_Peiss could you try the new UI?
opkg update
opkg install thing-frontend
systemctl restart lighttpd

Sounds great. :+1:
Will be back at my BBB in a few hours. Will post my findings.

Is this image the one on the wiki with the date of 2014-06 (BBB flasher image)? Or are you talking about a package image?

James Armstrong

@James_Armstrong use the last one

What’s the newer “debrew” flasher images compared to the others?

They are for my coffe machine, don’t use those : ) But I’m making a fresh image now, so hold on a few minutes and you can get the latest!

Thanks. I borrowed a Duplicator4 to use as a test bed for the replicape since all I had was my corexy (not going to mess with that yet) and a delta.

Ok, todays image should be ready for download.

@James_Armstrong Did you have succes with the duplicator4? Assuming it has more or less the same hardware as the CTC bot I can use, I assume problems on getting proper reading from the hotend sensor (which are labeled as Thermocouples on the CTC board)? @Elias_Bakken mentioned on one of my CTC-pics 1 that there is no implementation of the thermocouples yet.

So I have the duplicator4 all modified and the Replicape installed. I have a question on the configuration. This is setup for x and y max endstops and z min. Homing should also home to x max y max and z min. I cannot get it to both move correctly with manual controls and home the right way. If I inverse the axis directions it will then move towards the endstop but not move the correct way whine manually moving. I could get it to somewhat work by moving all the endstops to min but that is not what I want since that will also make all movements backwards.

Is there a home to min or max setting In the configuration? I only see homing x enabled or disabled no choice to set to min or max. Is min always assumed.

I think I found what needs to be changed in the code (will require config setting). I’m going to try and implement homing to max to get my feet wet.