Help With Smoothieboard and TFT Touchscreen

I am running a genuine smoothieboard, and am working on trying to implement an MKS TFT touch display into the machine. The screen is designed to connect via a serial port such as UART to the controller and send gcode commands from the displays built in ARM chip. But here is my issue and question: For some reason i can not get the screen to read or write to the serial port next to the usb port on the smoothieboard! It has completely confused me, as it is intended to be an extremely simple connection though it just isn’t working!

I have the baud rate set properly on both devices, and to the best of my knowledge wired properly so i really am not sure what the reason is for the lack of connection, any ideas?

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Can you connect a ftdi cable to the screen and see what it is trying to say to the board ?

After alot of digging i found that for my board the rx was supposed to the rx, not the tx, they have it marked to matched, and not what it actually is. Thanks though. Working Now!