Help tweaking for lasercutter use

(Sci_SW) #1

First, hello, first time posting here. There don’t seem to be any sub-forums so I hope posting this in the general feed is correct.

I’m using a Cohesion 3D Mini for the K40 lasercutter with the optional GLCD display. Config and build are currently as-supplied.

I’ve built in a flow sensor and water temperature probe to the cooling loop. I’d like to use the bed & head thermocouple pins to monitor the water and tube temperatures, as well as add an interlock for confirming coolant flow. I would particularly like to display the temperature readouts on the GLCD display, but this appears to be something that requires modification of the source code and compiling a custom build, the former of which would seem to require a good familiarity with the sourcecode as a whole.

Additionally I’d like to know how feasible it would be to enable an unused IO pin to trigger a “repeat” function. Push a button, have the laser repeat the last set of Gcode it was sent. It would certainly speed up repetitive cutting jobs.

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