Help! I really appreciate your help


I just got an OMTech 70w.

I pressed the focus button before attempting a cut on acrylic

The last began lowering & smashing into the honeycomb bed bypassing my acrylic

I pressed emergency stop

Waited and turned it back on and it continued smashing & dented the honeycomb in seconds I turned back off

I am afraid to turn back on now.

I have met a lot of issues after buying OM. regret :frowning:

I don’t know what type of switch/sensor OMTech is using on that machine to sense the distance to the material but it sure sounds like it’s not working. Broken wire maybe? I would recommend looking for the device/sensor used for sensing this Z axis and follow the wires from switch/sensor to the controller and make sure the wires are A-OK.

Also, can’t you manually back the Z axis up so it is well above the honeycomb bed so that you can stop it well before it hits it again?

Can you provide a link to some technical info on that machine?

Thanks for the info. I will try!

What kind of info? Sorry I am pretty new. Maybe can look at their website

If your ‘emergency’ off removes power, the controller will be reset, so it should not try to home unless the Z home option in the controller is enabled. I’m assuming it’s resetting and the Z axes home is enabled.

When you power it up, you can press ‘esc’ and it should stop it’s home operation… Giving you control of the machine.

There are lots of videos out there on struggling with an autofocus machine… Most of the people that I know for hobby use, have it disabled … I don’t have a Z axes control, except the knob I twist…

Until you get it figured out, I’d disable the Z home in the controller…

A couple ways of checking the hardware…

You can also check ‘Z/U → Diagnostics’ and see if the limit is being detected… This is detecting the Y axes…

Also note on the Ruida, these are not ‘limit’ switches they are labeled, used only to home (-)… at least the X and Y limits work that way. Real limit switches are rarely used on these machines and they are denoted by the + after the signal name… LmtX+ is the X limit input and LmtX- is the X home input.

There is also an LED on the Ruida that will illuminate if the Z is sensed.

If the hardware is working you should be able to manually trigger the sensor and ‘simulate’ a home operation…

Good luck