Hello together, I know that somebody maybe try to solve it.

Hello together,
I know that somebody maybe try to solve it. I have problem with my nodemcu. My app in Arduino IDE reads data from DHT22, BMP180 and all data sense to google spreadsheet. Then it reads settings from this spreadsheet and set DO. Then it goes sleep for 1200 s, then it is young again. It works great, but randomly nodemcu freeze /hangs and i don’t know why. I try several tipy with wtdog, but without success. Some time freeze after 6 days, some time 6 hours. If somebody has some tips send it to me, I can share you a source code for revision. After 3 months I am not able to solve it. Thanks. Sorry for my english.

What about your internet connection? Is it stable? Maybe your code gets stuck when a timeout occurs while accessing google spreadsheet.

Maybe we discuss in czech, but anyway about your questions. Power supply is 4x 3,7 V batteries = power source voltage is about 7,6 V regulated to 3,3 V stable. Internet Connection is good in my opinion. In code I test internet connection and if after 5 times I dont have connection then Nodemcu deep sleep for next 20 minutes. Then it try again. If you want, I can send my source code. I have not any chance to discuss it with somebody else. Thank you.

Are you using a resistor with the dht22 like the one shown in this blog? https://odd-one-out.serek.eu/esp8266-nodemcu-dht22-mqtt-deep-sleep/

Yes, I have. All sensors work fine.