Hello, I've been working with an old version of FastSPI_LED (the one included in

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Hello, I’ve been working with an old version of FastSPI_LED (the one included in http://www.deskontrol.net/descargas/proyectos/artnet-node/artnet-pixel-node-0.2.zip ) and while this version only supports one output pin, I’ve been trying to change it to two. Current FastLED_SPI.cpp file is http://pastebin.com/G1s5w3Ty . Efforts so far have been mainly duplicating any code that involves a pin or using an led struct, and trying to keep all these second functions working with themselves when possible. in the main arduino code, i’m setting up a second led struct and setting a second pin with the second pin function, setting the data to one led struct or the other depending on which the data should be in. So far though, the code isn’t working as intended, the data for both pins seems to be pushed out to the first pin only, alternating one struct and then the other.

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You should really switch/port the code over to using FastLED2 - it has support for doing this pretty trivially/natively (as long as you aren’t using the HL1606 or LPD6803 leds, that is).

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I believe @Jason_Podmore has been doing work w/FastLED and artnet.

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Which arduino are you using Vidboi?

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The arduino i’m using is the MEGA 2560.

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in the move from Arduino 0023 and FastSPI_LED to Arduino 1.0.5-r2 and FastLED, it seems something with the ethernet communication broke with the updating of ethernet UDP, and the node is no longer detected nor does it seem to accept art-net input… not a bug or change to FastLED code anymore, just fixing my own code to work again…