Hello, I'm going to buy a 3D printer and I'm not a 3D designer.

Hello, I’m going to buy a 3D printer and I’m not a 3D designer. I saw webpages like Turbosquid that sell a lot of designs but they are in 3Dmax format. Do any one know how can I print those files? The 3D printer only support .stl files. Thanks for your help.

You might be able to find a program to convert the file format. I used to make computer cut vinyl signs and graphics. My cuting program would only accept certain vector formats so I’d use adobe illustrator and corell draw to edit some files and export them as the right format to cut in signwizard.

This is a 3d printer, not a cutter machine… I m not a designer but I think that corel and ilustrator doesn t convert to .stl format.

Don’t bother with TurboSquid, their stuff is not optimized for printing. Here’s a few places where the models are:

@Juan_Andres_Casale I know 3D is different to vector drawing, I was just saying there may be a way of converting the files for your application.

I’ve never used the service, but :
claims to be able to convert .3DS to .stl and it is free.

Thanls Len! I´m going to try.

Thanks Len! It can convert 3ds or OBJ to STL!