Hello, I have some problems with my printer...

I have some problems with my printer… Does anyone know why this happens ?
It stops every second

use usb cable?
if use this try change cable and go down on baud …generaly pause removed if use sd card for this suggest to buy complete kit

okay thanks for the reply
i use an sd card but i found the problem… its caused by the polulus, they were running to hot… need a better cooling system

Kevin if use double motor need change it with drv or never have long print

on the x axis i have a double motor… how can i change this ?

yes… you request peak 3.4A from driver can erogate max 2A drv more robust and accept (making hot) this power and no losing steps or going creazy

in anycase 4cm or 8cm fan are sufficient for cool down stepstick

@shauki change all stepstick on him machines with drv for this. (him have xy axis both with double motor)

aaaah okay thank you very much :slight_smile: iam ordering right now :slight_smile:

meanwhile waiting add more verntilation or take printer out home :smiley:

The drv arrivied and i allready tested them…
The result is awesome :slight_smile: