hello Guys, meeting up few problems and not sure how to encounter I'm using

hello Guys, meeting up few problems and not sure how to encounter

I’m using Teensy 3.5 & FastLED & dotstars & SdFat(Sdio) and DMASPI
&Arduino 1.8,0, Teensyduino 1.35, FastLED 3.1

  1. if I #include <FastLED.h> before #include <DmaSpi.h> the compiler fails, even with empty sketch, but including <DmaSpi.h> first seems to past fine.

  2. with all three library used together, the CRGB leds[] seems to brick with leds[n].r/g/b returning all zero, showing the memory were locked to 0, the sketch
    passes the compiler, and still runs the program fine throughout with all LEDs blackout,
    my checking is that from Sdio to buffer works normal , but the CRGB leds[] array.

unincluding fastLED and writing my own apa102 array works the strips, but many functions with CRGB would be unreachable… so I’m still looking for a fix.

I saw that 3.5&3.6 was not yet supported and may have many conflictions:
so I guess if I want to figure this up recent, had to do myself
so is there any suggestion to some place in the library to dig in?

thank you all

Are you using the 3.5/6 fork of the library?

@Jeremy_Spencer i guess no , where can I get that perk?

Search this forum for a link, it’s not my work…

Thank you, i’ve found some clues and can’t wait to test tomorrow !

thanks for help, its been long time and I finally had my results !