Hello FastLED users! I'm new to using LED strips but did get my setup

Hello FastLED users!
I’m new to using LED strips but did get my setup working with a Teensy 3.0, LPD8806 strip, and the Adafruit 8806 library. Here’s the first thing I made.

So then I discovered and read about FastLED, but I’m immediately running into a compile error. After downloading and installing the FastLED library I loaded the blink program, updated the data and clock pin numbers, and only have this line uncommented in the setup:
FastLED.addLeds<LPD8806, DATA_PIN, CLOCK_PIN, RGB>(leds, NUM_LEDS);

But when I compile I get this error:
Blink.cpp.o: In function addLeds<(ESPIChipsets)0u, 14u, 19u, (EOrder)10u>': C:\Users\marc\Google Drive\arduino\sketches\libraries\FastLED/FastLED.h:62: undefined reference to__cxa_guard_acquire’
C:\Users\marc\Google Drive\arduino\sketches\libraries\FastLED/FastLED.h:62: undefined reference to `__cxa_guard_release’
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Actually if I load the blink program, or RGBcalibrate and don’t change anything I still can’t get it to compile. I haven’t been able to figure out what I’m missing. I’m looking forward to using the FastLED library!

Make sure your using the most recent arduino ide - you are missing some c++ definitions that the library relies on.

Ah, silly oversight on my part. I was indeed using arduino 1.0.3 and the older Teensy Loader 1.07. Updated to arduino 1.0.5 and the new teensyduino 1.19 and compiles fine now. Just tried the calibrate program and found I need to use GRB order with my strip. Awesome, so glad to be able to use the FastLED library. Thanks Daniel!