Hello everybody, I review the HercuLien machine and it has all that I have

Hello everybody,

I review the HercuLien machine and it has all that I have ever wanted. Now I have a mendel90 and it works in an excellent way but I decided to go further, For this reason, I am planning to build the HercuLien machine.

Moreover, I am at Mexico and I haven’t found a supplier for the HFS5 20 x 80 parts. I request a quote form Misumi but the cost for the freight is more than the parts itself.

Any ideas / links like from ebay or Aliexpress in order to get this parts?


Glad to hear you are excited about the build. I haven’t personally used them them yet, but @Makeralot ​ has frame kits for both HercuLien and Eustathios.

HercuLien: https://www.makeralot.com/aluminum-extrusion-kit-for-herculien-2020-2080-v-slot-p215/


Has anyone in the group used them yet? If you have can you give your opinion on the quality?

@Eclsnowman Its very interesting that there is a seller providing a complete kit set for the build. What size build bed will fit here? 300x300?

HercuLien usable build area: 338x358x320

Eustathios Spider V2 usable build area: around 290x290x295.

@Eclsnowman ​ I built my Eustathios with the extrusion from Makeralot. Overall it was great! All dimensions were perfect. The only difference is that the end holes are 6mm instead of 5mm so the rubber feet need to be drilled out more and the aluminum bed frame mounts need modifications.

Am I the only one seeing $39 for the Eustathios frame in the link Eric sent?

@Benjamin_Liedblad it’s correct, but the shipping is pricey. Still cheaper than Misumi

Thanks for the info. The more information I have better decisions can be taken