Hello! Anyone know why my endstop switch won't stop the stepper?

(florjan jelovcan) #1

Hello! Anyone know why my endstop switch won’t stop the stepper?

(ThantiK) #2

Is this during a homing operation? Does M119 report the end stop status as changed?

(florjan jelovcan) #3

actually i don’t know how to fully test it i’ve uploaded test code to my arduino and start it. i found the arduino format and just wrote it on arduino. http://reprap.org/wiki/File:RAMPSTestCode.pde

(ThantiK) #4

Well then that’s exactly why.  You need to load a proper firmware on the board, such as repetier or marlin.

(florjan jelovcan) #5

but enstops should work with that program right?

(Gary Tolley - Grogyan) #6

No. It is just test code for the motors, you need actual 3d printer firmware, Repetier, Marlin etc.
M109 in the terminal of the host program will show if the switch is activated or not when the switch is toggled with gcode M109

(florjan jelovcan) #7

ok thanks i will try

(Ryan Hescock (Stanos)) #8

The test code would have to indicate what pins are connected to the endstop, what to do when triggered, etc. All the test code does is actuate the motors so that you know they are wired correctly, not making funny noises, and not inverted.

After you get the firmware (marlin, sprinter, whatever) you will be able to use the homing commands.

Just make sure you are ready to hit the reset button the first couple of times you test it in case you didn’t wire it correctly or have the endstops on the wrong end. Running it without the belts connected and hitting the endstops manually is always a good idea.

(florjan jelovcan) #9

now i uploaded marlin and when i manualy move any axsis in host nothing moves. i don’t know what is wrong now

(ThantiK) #10

@florjan_jelovcan ​, there are protections in marlin that you must ensure are taken care of. Look at the terminal output, it will tell you what’s up

(florjan jelovcan) #11

Now i use other host and it works