Hello all, I'm making introductions.

Hello all, I’m making introductions. I’m a new member, a CNC noob, and I have a long “to do” list to get my machine to work. A bit of background info:

Machine: Openbuilds C-beam
Software: grbl and bCNC.
board: 24v PSU and CNC xPRO v3


  1. steppers intermittenly working
  2. limit switch’s not working
  3. probe not working
  4. Better mounting for the mobo (being 3d printed now)

work done in sequence.

  1. replaced steppers
  2. replaced mobo
  3. rewired everything with new wire (unshielded) and solder.


New steppers showing same symptoms of intermittent drop off while running g-code. Ordered shielded wiring (arrived) Still trying to figure out how to wire the machine. Can anyone assist me on how to wire the shielded wiring?

Check, check, and double check that your motor couplings are all tight on the lead screws, and the stepper shaft.

Also be sure any joints in your wires are connected properly.

Another thing to check, is make sure your machine is square, racking can also cause issues.

Edit: Didn’t realize you don’t have the XL. Shouldn’t have to worry about the racking issue so much.I like how you have it in an enclosure. That will be nice when you get it up and running.

Do you have problems when jogging the machine around? Have you messed with the acceleration settings?

Ok so…when "pairing " the wirers on the steppers you match wires for the same polarity. How do you connect that on the CNC xPRO v2? Also since I have extended my wires to get to the outside of my enclosure, should I replace the wires with shielded wire? And when grounding I know how I can do a pigtail but is it suppose to be at one end that gets grounded? What happens to the other end and where is it connected to?

So I paired the wires again. And fired up the machine. In grbl I established the dimensions of the waste board. Dosn’t the software auto stop the machine from crashing or is that the reason why I need limit switch’s?